The Contested Grounds

Tech 1
Environment 0
Resources 4

The Grounds are a whirling mass of planetoids, moons, and asteroids, almost as if something exploded here a long time ago. To a visitor, it looks like it’s still going on.

* A Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy
The asteroids in the Grounds are a rich source of nearly any resource you can imagine. They’re also completely lawless. The only even vaguely civilised place is the planet of New Zhentar, a convenient stopping-off point for anyone who wants to celebrate their recent gains – or rob someone else of their recent gains.

* Imports idealistic youths, exports everything.
Zhentar has a significant standing army, paid well by the rich Margrave (himself little more than a mob overlord). The Margrave himself has no interest in asteroid mining, but plenty of interest in providing travellers with every luxury you could desire.

* Full of armed bastards
Pretty much every power has their own official name for the Grounds, though nothing else seems to stick, as well as an army with designs on it’s riches.

As well as the major players, the Grounds contain countless micro-nations and gangs living in hollowed-out asteroids, and alliances between them are constantly shifting as they vie for control.

Firefly, Bulletstorm

The Contested Grounds

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