Sys 2

Tech 1
Environment -1
Resources -1

* Sink estate planet

Impoverished after a decades-long recession, Sys 2 (or ‘System #2’, officially) is an enormous housing complex built to house workers for a dead manufactory. It’s now home to some of the poorest, most hopeless, and most deprived communities in the cluster. Tension between newcomers, natives, and aliens are always high, exacerbated by the constant shortages – everything except housing is in short supply, and priced accordingly. Oh, and water.

* It CAN rain all the time

It rains here. A lot. 990 days of the year, in fact. One of the few things the residents have enough of is water. Of course, it washes any trace of soil away, making food the system’s main import.

* Workforce of the universe

The economy of Sys 2 has traditionally consisted of two main exports – water and people. Most families on Sys 2 have a member or two who’s travelled the cluster, usually working bar jobs, cleaning, any sort of low-paid work they can get. Most of them send what support they can back home, but some just get away as fast as they can and don’t look back.

It not even that the place is bad, as far as living standards go – it’s relatively stable, and no-one actually starves to death. Compared to the squalor of the slums in Philip, or the desperation of Oxide, it should be a paradise. But the pervading atmosphere is a sheer lack of hope – tomorrow will be the same as today, another featureless round of not having quite enough.

Fifth Element (city scenes), Dr Who: Gridlock, SLA rpg

Sys 2

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