Recovered Data

These are the handouts received by the players.

Recovered from Janic Wilson’s files after she tried to kill the PCs at the UPR base:

Acting on standing orders, this agent has responded aggressively to combat reactionary threats. Targets are the Kin ‘Valkry’, the Human ‘Finbar Sixtus’, and their associate (name unknown, a heavily genetically modified Riggen). Targets have agitated civilians in the Contested Grounds, and are directly responsible for mobilising the Stolen Skulls.
Agent proceeding to activate cell, attempting removal of targets. Plans are in place to do this covertly, however be advised that this agent is aware of her expendable nature should these plans fail and direct action be necessary.
I anticipate rejoining The Unity.

Discovered in the hidden lab on Fallout while recovering the robot body:

Intake 01
Loki - Deceased
Hel - Deceased
Valkyry - Lost in transit
Odin - Deceased
Frayja - Deceased
Huginn - Terminated
Muninn - Graduated to Unity facility
Too many students at one time proved impossible to control. Basic methodology is clearly effective, given results shown in Muninn and Huginn, but the facility clearly cannot deal with such a high intake. Another possibility would be to deliberately encourage the lethal competition seen in this group, although that would require many more students.
Intake 02
Shiva - Graduated to Unity facility
Agni - Graduated to Unity facility
Chandra - Graduated to Unity facility
A far more acceptable ratio, although the lack of competition results in weaker talents.
Intake 03
Cain - Deceased
Abel - Matriculated
Eve - Matriculated
Competition as in I1 was attempted, but has recently led to Cain’s somewhat ironic death. However, Abel and Eve advanced so quickly over that time period, the idea surely needs further investigation.

Recovered Data

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