Tech -1
Environment -1
Resources -3

* Deserts of ruined technology

This hell-hole was probably a desert world before whatever happened to it. Now, it’s a near-featureless wasteland composed of bits of ancient technology. Virtually all of it is either wrecked beyond repair, or useless junk.

* The only living is scavanging

If you’re stuck in a giant scrapheap, the only option is to try to find something of value there.

* Recruitment grounds

Everyone wants out, and pretty much anything is a step up.

There are two popular theories about Oxide: The first says that it used to be a great place, so great that everything was stripped out of it. The second says that it was always this bad, and has never been anything more than a landfill site.

Battle Angel Alita, Scrapheap Challenge, the Jawas from Star Wars


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