The Heir Affair

episode 0


Finbar and Valkry get wind of a job going for a local mob boss, Mr. Green.
When they arrive at his office, they learn that his boss, Uncle Enzo, is
planning to retire, and is going to announce his successor at a party in a
week’s time. Mr. Green wants to make sure that the old man names him and
not his rival, Lilly Arzano. He tasks the duo with somehow taking Lilly
out of the running, while cautioning them that he doesn’t want her killed
(to avoid risking a turf war). Lilly is described as running the local
fight scene, and the associated gambling.

After some questioning, they learn that Enzo is all about the Game Face –
he doesn’t care what someone does behind closed doors, but when it comes
to business, he values a strong appearance above all else. Therefore, they
decide, the best way to ruin Lilly is to publicly humiliate her in some
business matter.

They head to a bar to consider their strategy, where they eventually
decide to head to the ‘Weasel & Hatchet’, a converted warehouse where most
of the local fights are staged. They scope out the place, learning of the
building’s low security, and that the latest craze is for a ‘sport’ known
as ‘weasel dropping’ – where a batch of hungry weasels are dropped onto
someone, and they have to throw them off within a twenty second time
limit. Lilly uses the upstairs of the building as her office, and is known
to the punters, who think she’s pretty decent and always runs a fair

Valkry enters himself into a weasel drop game after debating with some
sports fans, pleasing the crowd greatly with his willingness to back his
arguments up. Before Valkry’s game, Finbar sneaks into the backstage area
in order to make sure the weasels aren’t too vicious. He runs into an old
acquaintance, Gary, who has a major crush on him. Using that as leverage,
Finbar manages to get some time alone in the animal pens and feeds the
weasels for Valkry’s match in order to pacify them. The plan works well,
and along with some excellent crowd-work from Valkry, the game is won and
Valkry becomes a minor hero with the crowd.

As Valkry celebrates with his new fans, Lilly turns up and congratulates
him, suggesting that they discuss the business opportunity. Collecting
Finbar, they head upstairs to her office, where Lilly makes Valkry the
offer of a live spot on friday night’s show. Finbar, posing as
Valkry’s agent, attempts to hint at Valk’s hidden depths, but utterly
fails to impress Lilly. Valkry attempts to seduce Lilly, and doesn’t so
much ‘succeed’ as arrange for a mutually pleasurable fuck date, and the
PCs return to Finbar’s motel room. On their way out, they meet ‘Fingers
McGee’, the closest thing to a reigning champion of Weasel Dropping.
Despite missing an eye, an ear, and all the fingers on one hand, he
professes his love for the sport, and encourages Valkry in his new life.

Back at Finbar’s place, the PCs decide to make use of Valk’s date to
incriminate Lilly – the plan is to get photos of everything, and persuade
Lilly (who’s under the vague impression that Finbar is Valkry’s partner as
much as he is his agent) that Finbar is abusive and unfair, and to get her
to sign a contract with Valk. Then, they figure, they’ll spread news of
the contract around, then throw the fight, making Lilly look like she’s
paid Valk to take a dive. The plan goes well, with Finbar sneaking onto
Lilly’s balcony and getting shots of everything, and Lilly encouraging
Valk to ditch Finbar, offering him a contract to help him get free from
his abusive partner. Everything is going perfectly until Lilly decides to
send her bodyguard Joseph to make sure Finbar accepts Valk’s (faked)
walking out.

Of course, Finbar is outside Lilly’s window at this point, and only a
desperate scramble gets him back to the motel before Valk and Joseph
arrive. Finbar plays up the abusive partner angle, and things get a little
complicated over ‘money owed’ for a minute, before they PCs manage to sort
things out. Valk spends the night at Lilly’s and signs a contract in the
morning. Finbar contacts Mr. Green, informing him of the plan. Green is
delighted at the irony of Lilly’s biggest asset being her downfall, and
agrees to bet Enzo on the outcome of the fight to make sure he watches. He
also arranges a getaway car for them.

On the day of the Big Fight, the pair spend the day creating (somewhat
conflicting) rumours of Valk’s prowess and history, resulting in a
suprisingly big wave of popularity for a novelty ‘lets mock the noob’ act.
The odds on Valk are surprisingly good for a newcomer – lots of people have
seen the shakey cam footage of his first performance, and decided to take
a chance on the rookie. In fact, Valk is looking like a rising star. That
is, until the match starts. With some stunningly bad acting, Valkry
collapses under the weasel swarm, leaving the crowd in stunned silence
until a lone voice cries ‘he took a dive!’. The crowd erupts, turning on
the bookies, each other, and most of all Valkry. Finbar decides to take
the better part of valour, and leaves Valk to the mercy of the raging mob.

Giving up on climbing into the (greased) weasel pipe, Valkry tries to
climb over the heads of the mob to escape, but is dragged down into them –
luckily, once he’s there, no-one can find him easily, and he escapes to
the getaway car.

After retrieving Finbar’s stuff from the motel, they hole up in a cheap
hotel, and contact Green, who is more than pleased with their work, and
receive their pay (in Finbar’s case) and promises of favours owed (for
Valkry). They learn that the Weasel and Hatchet burned to the ground in
the riot, and that Lilly has very much displeased Enzo. Not only has he
passed her over, he’s had her ‘retired’.

Padraig couldn’t make this session, so the aim was to play a simple session
with no over-arching plot. Things went well, and I still can’t believe I ran
a fight against a dropped pack of weasels.



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