I predict a riot


As the session starts, the party has the makings of a plan to disrupt the peace talks on Angel’s End: knowing that the Skulls have brought a peace offering for the Order of the Ancients, they plan to steal it and frame the Delta Wolves. Padraig bought explosives with a distinctive chemical signature from a mining store on the station while dressed as one of the Wolves, so they figure any investigation will lead back there, placing the blame onto the Wolves. Now they just need to wait for Bastard John, the Skulls representative, to show up.

Time passes (with the party indulging in the station’s wares), and John turns up at the bar they’re in. Padraig makes a sharp exit, not wanting the Skulls to know his face, and Valkry joins them in drinking and playing dice. Using his telepathic skills, Valkry starts to take the lions’ share of the winnings. Finbar, seeing this, decides to leave before things get ugly.

When he arrives back at The Colleen, Padraig uses the time alone to search his ship for The Package, and finds it quickly. Narrowly missing the returning Finbar, he plants The Package on a random ship, the Sanctity of Marriage.

Back at the bar, things start to turn ugly when Valkry offers to employ the Skulls with their own money (that he’s been winning off them), but he defuses the situation with a masterful speech about the evils of the robot overlords, and actually sways the Skulls to join him on his crusade – once their business here is done. Returning to the ship, he finds the others relaxing with some very high-class booze, and they finish off the evening by… Well, no-one can remember, but Padraig woke up with lots of money, and it involved cards and dice.

Finbar, on the other hand, wakes up and notices his bomb is missing. Understandably worried about a nuke seemingly wandering off by itself, he accuses Padraig of having stolen it. Eventually, Padraig admits that he did do it, and Finbar rescues The Package just before the Sanctity leaves the station.

Returning to their task, the group decide to send Padraig, in his bellhop unifrom, to scout out the hotel John’s staying in. He finds a mix of Skulls and Wolves guarding the suite, and stirs the animosity between the groups up even more with a timely delivery of leftover whisky. John hasn’t returned from the night’s drinking, it turns out, so the party decide to strike while there’s a chance.

Finbar crawls in through the air ducts, but finds out that their plan to blow the safe isn’t going to work – the safe is open and empty, and (peering out of the vents) he sees that the peace offering is in a briefcase handcuffed to John’s cabin boy (the naked-but-for-a-tiara ‘Princess’). Finbar unsuprisingly opts for the better part of valour and returns to the ship.

The group discuss tactics for a while, eventually deciding to deploy gas from the air vents in order to quietly grab the briefcase. The ‘gas’ in this case being a cannister of chlorine that Valkry was able to synthesise. Padraig argues against killing Princess, but the others assure him that it’s just knockout gas, and that they won’t harm anyone more than neccessary.

Reassured, Padraig takes more drinks up to the guards (although the Wolves aren’t quite tempted into joining in), and acts as a distraction while the others crawl through the vents. They find a sleeping John and Princess, and proceed to gas them, and then dismember the bodies. Alarms sound, as the station detects a problem with the atmospherics, and Padraig makes a hasty retreat. As he does, the drunken Skulls guards accuse the Wolves of ‘trying something’ and use the excuse to start a fight. Valkry and Finbar leave through the air vents and barely avoid being trapped inside as the system starts to vent into space.
Returning to the ship, the group leave as fast as they can, while the station descends into chaos as the Skulls animosity towards the Wolves finally boils over.

The peace talks (and probably the station) well and truely ruined, the group investigates exactly what the thing they put so much effort into stealing was, putting Finbar into the airlock while he opens it ‘in case it explodes’. Turns out that the ‘peace offering’ was valuable indeed – probably moreso than the Skulls realised. It’s an ancient data crystal from a culture long-since disappeared, a rarity so obscure that not many people would appreciate it’s value. Finbar, of course, knows the value of damn near everything, so the group detour to find a reader for the crystal in order to figure out just how valuable it is.

The answer is ‘very’. The crystal holds a schematic for a device designed to render a mind into a digital format, or to put a digitised mind into a person. While the group are heavily divided on how to use the thing, they agree not to hand it over to General Romanov, but instead to fashion a fake (non-working) crystal to put in its place.

Romanov is more than pleased with the PC’s efforts, and doesn’t bat an eyelid at their fake – it’s clear that he has no idea what the thing is, or what it’s for.

A distinct lack of explosions, but I was right about the fancy dress and the irate space pirates! Unfortunately, Padraig’s player has had to make this his last session, curse those OC commitments getting in the way.



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